Top 100 People in Finance Magazine Article (2021)

Abou Dieng holds a diverse background that spans across 30 years and two continents. In 1990, the Senegalese native traveled to the U.S. for college education and obtained his official United States citizenship 10 years later. Along with the unique advantage of understanding the business practices and principles of both continents, he has garnered extensive experience in international finance, projects development, new technology transfers, international consulting, and executive-level management.

Having already completed approximately 150 projects around the world, Abou and his successful network of entrepreneurs are currently leading efforts for international and economic development between Africa and the rest of the world. As CEO and president of Global Green International Holdings, LLC, Abou has been referenced by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a major contributor to African sustainability projects and development, and the corporation is positioned to be among the continent’s top producers of renewable energy by 2025.

“The African market is a bit complex because there are different parameters in each country when it comes to accessing project funding. Also, many countries are faced with IMF and World Bank regulations, and with a low credit rating, they can’t access funding. The reason we focus on Africa is because we can create value by leveraging the natural resources into a guarantee and secure the financing,” Abou explains.

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