Top 100 in Finance Magazine Article (2023)

Dr. Abou Dieng has made it his life’s mission to revolutionize agriculture and energy production in Africa. As the founder and CEO of Global Green International Holdings, he has spent over two decades bringing his vision to life. Recently, he expanded his business to Dubai with the establishment of a new investment company to fund his most ambitious project to date: Green Revolution.

Green Revolution is a project ten years in the making, backed by extensive research led by top African scientists like the late Professor Mousa Seck. Its goal is to eradicate hunger from Africa by 2030, achieve complete food sovereignty for every African nation, and ultimately turn Africa into a continent that feeds the world. This vision is not just a dream, but a plan backed by concrete steps.

The first step is to designate five major agricultural corridors across the continent, with the goal of doubling the annual production of food. The second step is to establish 300 new factories per country to process surplus food and export it to other countries. But to power these facilities, Dr. Abou has teamed up with World Energy to launch universal access to affordable electricity through cutting-edge technologies in Waste-to-Energy and a no-fuel self-generating power generator. This partnership will also address the waste management crisis in Africa by using waste as a resource for fuel and construction materials.

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